Northam Ballooning Events


Can I watch the balloons competing?

Please visit our BALLOON WATCHING PAGE for all the information we think is pertinent to following and watching the balloons in competition.

Will there be a night glow event?

Please visit our NIGHT GLOW PAGE for more information.

Is the event pet friendly?

Unfortunately the burner of the hot air balloons is a bit scary for pets (a bit like the fireworks) so you would be best to leave your pets behind. 

Are there other activities to see and do during the competion?

The staff at the Northam Visitors Centre can provide a wealth of information about things to see and do in the Northam & Avon Valley area. Please head to our VISITOR INFORMATION PAGE for more information and contact details.

Can I book a flight during the event?

Windward Balloon Adventures are a major sponsor of the event and will be conducting passenger flights during the practice and competition flights. Please visit: WINDWARD'S WEBSITE for more information and online bookings.

How can I find out about accommodation during the event?

Please contact the staff at the Northam Visitors Centre for all your accommodation enquiries please head to our: