Northam Ballooning Events


Where can I see balloons? Great question!

It’s not that we don’t want to tell you where the balloons will be each day but this is all part of the mystique of ballooning. Each and every day is different in weather terms and the Competition Director will set tasks depending on wind direction. Balloon crews will meet before dawn for the morning briefing and again later in the afternoon for an evening flight prior to sunset. The tasks will be set and balloonists will set off to the launch fields.

Early in the Morning! Yes – it is early in the morning but it’s the very best time to visit and well worth setting the alarm for.
You will be able to check our facebook page for the launch detail. If you are planning to travel from further afield it might be best to check the page whilst you’re on the way. If you delay your departure to wait for the launch update, you might miss the balloons!


We remind all our visiting spectator vehicles to follow the ROAD RULES of Western Australia, be courteous to other drivers on the road by not holding up traffic whilst looking at balloons, and not blocking any roads or driveways when parking.

The balloons will often land on private farming property. Please do NOT follow any ground crews onto private property, or on to any sports ovals or grassed public areas. Please drive safely everyone – and ENJOY the opportunity of seeing this spectacular event happen in our region.


The flight itself will be for about an hour or so, but the whole procedure of balloon set up, flight, retrieve by the ground crew, and pack up, can take a few hours.


How do I keep updated? Facebook of course! (see link in header & footer) We will be updating our Facebook page very early each morning, and again mid-afternoon, to keep you updated with where the balloons will be launching for that flight.


The protected Avon Valley offers the best conditions for ballooning in Western Australia, however balloon flights are always weather dependent, and wind speeds in excess of about 10 km/hr on the ground may result in cancellation for safety reasons. Optimum conditions are usually found in the morning, after the cold nights keep the wind conditions calmer in the valley.


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