Northam Ballooning Events


Volunteering Opportunity

The 5TH FAI Women’s World Hot Air Ballooning Championship will be held in Northam from Saturday 2nd to Saturday 9th September 2023.  

The event is organized by Northam Ballooning Events and is supported by Tourism WA, The Shire of Northam, Australian Ballooning Federation, Northam Aero Club, local businesses and community organisations. 


There will be 30 pilots and balloons from 13 Countries, joining the local balloons to create a stunning visual spectacle. These events provide an opportunity to showcase the Avon Valley’s beautiful scenery and heritage buildings, while attracting thousands of visitors from near and far to support local businesses. Lasting friendships have been forged during previous ballooning events here, and many of our volunteers have maintained contact with their balloon teams across Australia and indeed, the World.


As the majority of the competitors are from overseas, they will not have (and may find it difficult or very expensive to hire) a suitable vehicle (4WD/AWD) with good clearance for driving in paddocks, and fitted with a towball for the balloon trailer. So we are looking for members of the generous local community to help.


  • Assist to set up, inflate and launch the hot air balloon
  • Assist in following & retrieving the balloon in your vehicle. It would be helpful to be familiar with the local area and be able to navigate with a map
  • Help to deflate and pack up the balloon
  • Engage with the general public. People love to watch hot air ballooning and the Championship competition draws an enthusiastic crowd. You may find yourself being asked a question or two, so you will need to be friendly and share your experiences with others
  • Work in a team. As a crew member, you will be a part of a team assigned to a specific balloon.

**All ballooning operations are weather dependent. 

A typical day will begin at around 5.00 am for a morning flight briefing, after which you will accompany the Pilot and their team to the launch field. The balloons are prepared for flight, and then you will follow your balloon in your retrieve vehicle, help to pack the balloon away on landing, and return to base for breakfast. The competition flight itself will be for about an hour or so, but the whole procedure will take 3-4 hours. In the middle of the day there is usually a 4 hour break, before the afternoon flight briefing at around, after which the launch, flight and retrieve procedure is repeated.


  • A current motor vehicle drivers licence
  • A suitable vehicle (4WD/AWD) with good clearance, and fitted with a towball for the balloon trailer
  • Some lifting is required when packing up the balloon so you must be of sound health
  • Volunteers will need to be available for a major portion of the competition period (availability on a particular weekend or day, only, would not be practical as our Pilots will require assistance during the whole of the event). 


Whilst prior experience would be an advantage, it is not essential. Some training will be provided so that you understand what you are required to do.

If you have any questions about volunteering please contact us on email: [email protected]